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About the institution

Oberbank was founded in Linz (Upper Austria) in 1869; today it is the oldest still independent joint stock bank in Austria. Originally a purely commercial bank, Oberbank has in the meantime gained an equally strong foothold in both corporate and personal banking.

Initially, the activities of Oberbank were exclusively focused on Upper Austria and Salzburg. In 1985 the Bank expanded to Lower Austria and in 1988 to Vienna. In 1990, Oberbank set up its first foreign branch in Bavaria; it further expanded its foreign branch network to the Czech Republic in 2004, to Hungary in 2007 and to Slovakia in 2009.

With EUR 17.4 billion in total assets, a network of 150 branches and a workforce of 2,050 (as at 31 Dec. 2011), Oberbank features in the league of Austria’s top 10 banks and, what is more, is also a leader in terms of earnings and financial strength.

Oberbank offers the full range of bank products and services in each of its branches. In cooperation with partners and subsidiaries in business lines such as building and loan association finance, leasing, insurance and investment funds, Oberbank additionally provides the entire gamut of financing services.

Oberbank boasts special strengths when it comes to sophisticated matters requiring a high level of advisory services. In corporate banking (in its core regions, Oberbank is the principal banker to industry and medium-sized enterprises) these strengths include, above all, intelligent financing solutions, all types of subsidising schemes and cross-border business; in personal banking, the Bank has a high level of expertise in securities and investment services as well as residential construction finance.

Investor Relations

Mag. Frank Helmkamp
Investor Relations
Phone: +43(0) 7802 7247
E-Mail: frank.helmkamp@oberbank.at


Robert Musner
Deputy Head of Global Financial Markets
Phone: +43(0) 7802 32640
E-mail: robert.musner@oberbank.at



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