Volksbank Wien AG

About the bank

VOLKSBANK WIEN AG, which is the biggest of the Austrian Volksbanks, operates as a regional universal bank. VOLKSBANK WIEN AG offers the full range of all financial services for retail and SME customers in Vienna, Burgenland and the eastern part of Lower Austria. Its focus is set on a close partnership with customers and a continuous optimization of customer services in all business areas. At the same time, VOLKSBANK WIEN AG acts as the central organization of the Association of Volksbanks.

The Association of Volksbanks has a network of approx. 400 branches located throughout Austria. Its customer base comprises more than one million retail and SME customers. Currently, an ambitious merger program is being implemented in order to increase efficiency, by mid-2017 the Association’s target structure of eight regional Volksbanks and two specialized institutions will be established. The Volksbanks form a joint liability system with mutual cross-guarantees and thus offering a high level of protection to its customers.

Investor Relations

Karl Kinsky
Head of Investor Relations
Tel. +43 (0) 1 40137 3338
E-mail: karl.kinsky@volksbankwien.at

Manuela Elsensohn-Pauser
Tel: +43 (0) 1 40137 3187
E-mail: manuela.elsensohn-pauser@volksbankwien.at





Cover Pool Reporting

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